13 Sep

Why Having a Mobile App is the Future of Business

Living without our smartphones in this age of mobility is almost impossible. The reason for this is that mobile apps have significantly simplified human life. The reliance of mobile apps to do our daily activity has altered the way we live our daily lives. From ordering our daily necessities, and requesting service, to reporting in for work, and managing our finances.

In this article, we will look at why having a mobile app is the future of business.


Companies are Moving Online

Starbucks showing its YoY growth in online transactions
Starbucks showing its YoY growth in online transactions thanks to the mobile app


There are a total of 3 different ways businesses can reach out to their customer.

  1. physical stalls
  2.  business website page
  3. mobile app

As the economy develops to become more digitalised, business website pages and mobile apps have gained popularity in recent years. Even though a business website page and a mobile app are fairly similar, the purpose of a website is used mainly as a front to describe more about the company’s business whereas the mobile app usually is the end goal for the user to reach out to perform transactions for goods and services.

With more and more companies requiring a mobile app to reach out to customers, mobile app development companies are under pressure to create more valuable mobile applications for organisations and startups.

Having a mobile app is essential for a business to achieve success. In Singapore, the cost of a simple app with standard functionalities can start from $20,000 onwards with a minimum 3-month timeframe.

And according to Crunchbase data, organisations that incorporated a mobile solution received 26% of total global investment funds in 2020.

Given how effective mobile app currently is and will be in the growing digital age. Businesses need to latch on to this market segment in order to survive a growing reliance on digital marketing.


Why Mobile Apps Reign Supreme over Others

If you are still pessimistic about whether mobile apps will be the best way of selling your goods and services, here are the top 3 reasons why it will be number 1:

1.  Create Brand Awareness

By having users download the company’s mobile app, the business is able to keep clients up-to-date on new items, special deals and other relevant information. When it comes to mobile phones, a push notification function has unquestionable power. According to Pushwoosh, push notifications have an average opt-in rate of 70%. The difference is evident when compared to email marketing – a mere 5%.

2.  Generate Multiple Additional Revenue

Mobile apps are easily monetisable, providing organisations with additional revenue prospects. Some of the most frequent app monetisation strategies include in-app advertising, in-app purchases, freemium, and premium apps. Users are often prepared to pay for an app if they enjoy it and believe it adds value to their lives.

3.  Easy to Analyse Your Business

Businesses may use mobile apps to measure crucial data such as the number of visitors, the most popular product among users, the amount of time spent on each component of the app, and much more. Analytics are essential for marketing and advertising since they ensure that the intended audience is correct. By having a proper analysis of who is interested in the goods and services. Business is able to run ads to reach out to this group of demography in hopes they would be interested in the company’s goods and services.


How can businesses build their own mobile app?

If your business is in dire need to have a mobile app to reach out to customers, having a mobile app development company build your website is important. Do reach out to Oasis App Asia as your one-stop solution when it comes to mobile app development.

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