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13 Feb

4 Mobile App Branding & Marketing Tips

Are you someone who’s resolved to start managing your finances? How about tracking daily steps? Or perhaps you’re a startup restaurant looking for a recipe software? This might sound like an overstatement, but there’s an app for that and everything else you might need, too. In fact, according to Statista’s 2020 study, Android users have access to around 3 million apps (via the Google Store), while iOS users can choose from a little more than two million apps. So yes, you’ll most likely find an app for whatever you need.

And with this much competition for a user’s phone storage space, app developers should not just stop at developing a mobile application and launching it. They should also be able to market it to make it stand out and for users to actually start installing it. If you’re planning to launch your mobile app or looking for ways to boost activations, then here are some simple branding and marketing tips to help you out.

4 Branding and Marketing Tips for Your Mobile App

Know Your Brand and Target Audience

The most important step in marketing your mobile app is knowing your brand identity. Being clear about your brand, what you stand for, and what you look and sound like will dictate the content of your app. You also need to identify your target audience to make sure you’re creating an app that’s relevant and useful for them.

  • Your company values: A company’s core values, along with your target audience, should be able to guide you on how the rest of the elements should be laid out. For example, if one of your core values is simplicity, you wouldn’t want a color palette that’s too out there. You’ll most likely go for minimalist colors and a clean app interface.
  • Your target audience: It’s not enough to know who you are; it’s important to know who you’re talking to or who you want to reach out to as well. What colors, layouts, and tones of voice will your target audience resonate with? Your target audience’s demographics can also dictate how you’ll design your app to make the customer experience hassle-free.

Stay Consistent with Your Brand Elements

Staying consistent to your brand means aligning all elements across all your communications: from your website, physical marketing collateral, email marketing, and yes, your app. This consistency allows your target audience to have a clear idea of who your brand is, helping with better brand recall and building brand equity. Here are some elements that should be consistent across the board:

  • Logo: Your logo should have various variations depending on where it will be placed. Make sure you’re clear on the rules for proportions, placement to avoid logo misuse.
  • Typography: This is the font style that you use across all communications. Make sure it’s readable across all devices, from big-screen laptops to smartphones.
  • Color Palette: Your brand should have primary and secondary colors in place and identify colors to avoid (example: colors closely associated with a competitor). Having a signature color helps with increasing brand recognition. This is something well-known brands have capitalized on, from McDonald’s (red and yellow) to Tiffany & Co.—they even have a specific blue called Tiffany blue.
  • Tone of Voice: If your brand was a real person, how would they talk or write? Are they helpful and friendly? Or are they scholarly and authoritative-sounding? Most importantly, will this tone of voice be something your target audience responds well to?
  • Image Guidelines: Of course, you wouldn’t want an app to just be all text and no images. Images can help showcase your brand’s products and personality. However, it’s best to have guidelines on the values and feelings that these images should portray. You should also have guidelines on the types of images to avoid to ensure you’re consistent with your communications.

Enable and Encourage Referrals and Sharing of the App

If your users have a positive experience with your app, they are more likely to recommend it to their friends and family. Make sure your app is user-friendly from installation and activation to actual usage. If you provide an excellent user experience, then users will be more confident in recommending your app. Make sure it’s easy and hassle-free to share your mobile app. Users won’t want to have to jump through too many hoops to do any transaction, including sharing an app. If you’re promoting a retail, e-wallet, or service app, consider developing a member-get-member program in which every referral earns them a free voucher or a discount that they can use on their next purchase. Referrals are a great word-of-mouth marketing tool for your mobile app that you should maximize.

Regularly Monitor Competitors & Listen to Customer Feedback

The competition for the customer’s attention is getting tougher. To stay ahead, you’ll need to have sound market research practices for competitive analysis. It’s best to know what the competition is up to, including what they’re doing well and their performance gaps. Keeping an ear to the ground applies to customer feedback as well. Valuable consumer insights from both research and customer reviews on mobile app stores or your customer service channels can help you improve your app. Even if you’ve already launched an app that you think is the “final” version, you can still update it based on market standards, customer feedback, and trends in technology. As long as technology is developing and customers are evolving, your app must also continue improving to maintain your place on your customers’ devices.

Your mobile app is a great way to always be present in your target consumers’ minds. Developing an app is an important step in getting your mobile app, especially your brand name, out there. However, to keep yourself top-of-mind of your target audience, you must continue to be consistent with improving user experience and brand marketing.

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